Beta Testers Wanted – Silverbeard’s Treasure Puzzle Adventure

Do you love puzzle apps?  Adventure apps?  Pirate apps?  Treasure apps?  Apps with a funny pirate searching for treasure on a bunch of crazy island levels?  Do you have an iPhone or iPad?

Well, we’ve got the app for you!  Watch the demo video, then keep reading:


We are looking for beta testers to try out our first 20 levels of Silverbeard’s Treasure Puzzle Adventure. As a beta tester you will be expected to play the game and give critical feedback to make the game play even better than it does today.

You are the sage pirate, Silverbeard, on the hunt for treasure on many different islands. You must use the tools you find on each island to solve how to dig up and unlock each treasure.


But BEWARE! It will not be easy. You will have to outwit dangerous quicksand, Tiki idols, sharks, sharp rocks, and much more.

Can you do it? Can you do it while collecting all 3 coins in each level? Can you do it without laughing?! I DARE you! Arrrr!!!


Levels have no time limits, and you’ll have to use your brains more than your dexterity. Kids can enjoy it as well as adults. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, sign up today – it will be fun!

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A few more screenshots: