Improvalize Party Game App Released!

We released Improvalize this week!

Improvalize is a fun new party game that lets you perform crazy skits with your friends.  The app chooses a profession and a personality quirk for you.  Then after some planning, you perform an improvised skit as your crazy character.

How would you like to be a food server that’s hard of hearing?  A reclusive naval captain?  An inappropriate cymbal player, a mortician in love, or a document shredder who finds everything funny?  There are over 50000 combinations to portray!

Your friends can rate the skit when it’s done – if they can stop laughing!

Here are the rules:

  • One performer, the “weirdo” is assigned a random profession and personality quirk
  • The weirdo and another performer, the “straightman,” get 1 minute to plan their skit and 2 minutes to perform it
  • The straightman can be anything, even as crazy as the weirdo if their skit calls for it
  • Players may rate the skit when it’s over
  • All players may agree to add their own rules as they see fit before the game starts!

There is also a single-player mode that can inspire your imagination or your creative writing.  Got writer’s block?  Don’t know what kind of character to include in your short story?  Just spin the spinner and let Improvalize give you somebody zany and off the wall to write about!

Download Improvalize today.  It’s free!  And if you are already a player, please let us know what you think at our feedback page.