Looking for Beta Testers

We are looking for people to test, “Improvalize,” the next generation of party game apps!

Do you have at least an iPhone 5, iPad mini, or iPad? Check!

OK, howzabout at least 2 other people who can play the game with you? Awesome! The game currently handles between 3-6 players. As they always say, the more the merrier!

The Game

In Improvalize, you take turns performing a skit with a partner for the rest of the group. The main performer is known as the Weirdo. He gets assigned a random profession and a random personality quirk to portray in the skit:

HW example 3

HW example 2

HW example 1

The second performer is known as the Straight Man. He is there to interact with the Weirdo. He is randomly selected from the pool of players and can be as tame or as wild a character as the skit calls for.

The Weirdo and the Straight Man have a short amount of time to plan their skit. Then they have some time to perform it for the rest of the players, the Audience.

At the end of the skit, the Audience judges the Performers.  With the crazy combinations of professions and quirks to act out, all players are bound to laugh themselves silly!

Your Job as Beta Tester

By signing up as a Beta Tester you are helping me iron out the kinks in this game. That means I need you to play it at least once (preferably twice) all the way through and send me feedback about the game.

The app is available for beta testing now.  I’ll need all of your feedback by Oct 31.

What kind of feedback?  I am looking for any type of feedback you have.  For example:

  • The game was AWESOME!
  • The game SUCKED!
  • You spelled something wrong.
  • I found a bug.
  • It didn’t work on my device.
  • You should do it this way ______.
  • Feature XYZ didn’t work.
  • Feature ABC should work this way instead of that.
  • You should call it something different besides Improvalize….

No feedback is off-limits, including if you think the game really does suck.  Be RUTHLESS!!!  I’d rather know that now than after launch!

I’ll have a simple questionnaire or Google spreadsheet for you to fill out with your feedback.

Sign up now to become a beta tester (more information on how Apple does beta testing here).  I’ll be forever grateful!

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