Silverbeard Status Update

Silverbeard’s Treasure Puzzle Adventure is really coming along well.  Right now there are 34 out of 40 levels completed, only 6 to go.  Unfortunately the ideas I have for new useful objects are a little too grandiose at the moment, so I’ll have to pare it down.

I am putting the finishing touches on the in-app purchases.  You will be able to purchase hints for real money or findable treasure coins.  You will be able to double the number of coins on a given level (and therefore accelerate your ability to unlock free hints) by watching a totally optional ad.  Finally, I am making the game’s first 10 levels free, with the rest of the levels available for purchase.  I got a lot of good feedback saying this was the way to go – either the player will be hooked and won’t mind spending $0.99 to unlock more levels, or the game isn’t for them.

I’ve got some work to do on Silverbeard himself.  I got great feedback that he was a little too “scary clown” looking and not enough “comic funny hero” looking.  So look for Silverbeard to get a facelift!

Right now I’m targeting end of October for a release.  But there is a lot of life that could get in my way before then.  As the sole developer / coder / level designer / graphic artist on the project, it can be hard sometimes!

Thanks to all my beta testers who have given such great feedback so far.  If you want to become a beta tester, just contact me.